GDE : Guided Death Experience

Authors:Yumi SHIMOJIMA ・ Shinobu GAMOU

This paper introduces a type of death education task called the“Guided Death Experience(GDE)”. 

The authors experienced this task at a lecture by Dr. Thomas R. McCormick of the University of Washington, Seattle, which was held at Kyorin University in March 2006. This task was widely carried out at the University of Washington, and at several hospitals and hospices in Seattle, Washington. 

First, participants are asked to list five important belongings on green cards, one per card. Next they write the names of five loved ones on pink cards, five favorite places on blue cards, five important goals on white cards, and five important experiences on yellow cards. While listening to a story in which“you” are dying, participants have to discard a few cards at each instance. Finally, they lose all of them at the moment of death. Through this process, they have had the virtual experience of dying. 

The effect of GDE is dis- cussed from the following view points: noticing the importance of a balanced time perspective(past, present, and future), finding out what is really important by being released from beliefs, and noticing how the“self”is woven into relationships with others. The possibility of assimilating the GDE in medical education is also mentioned. 

GDE would be able to play the role of raising the medical staffs' awareness of how to support patients and family in the process of dying. 

It would also protect the medical staff from burnout syndrome.


この論文では、「Guided Death Experience(GDE)」と呼ばれる死生学の教育コンテンツを紹介しています。

著者らは、2006年3月に杏林大学で開催されたワシントン大学シアトル校のThomas R. McCormick博士の講義でこの演習を経験しました。この演習は、ワシントン大学といくつかの病院で行われました。ワシントン州シアトルのホスピス。

最初に、参加者は、カードごとに1つずつ、5つの重要な持ち物をグリーンカードに記載するよう求められます。次に、ピンクのカードに5人の愛する人の名前、青いカードに5つのお気に入りの場所、白いカードに5つの重要な目標、黄色のカードに5つの重要な経験を書きます。 「あなた」が死にかけている話を聞きながら、参加者は各インスタンスで数枚のカードを捨てなければなりません。最後に、彼らは死の瞬間にそれらのすべてを失います。このプロセスを通して、彼らは死ぬという仮想的な経験をします。





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