Gamification designers are one of the future jobs.

CST partnered with futurists to imagine a job fair of the future by examining social, technological, economic, and environmental changes occurring today. The gamification designer can motivate people, help them heal, inspire better customer experiences, or make better habits(C.S.T. Consultants, 2017).


Accessed JUN 04, 2018

CSTは今日,起きている社会的・技術的・経済的そして環境変化を評価して,パートナーと共に将来の仕事を想像した。ゲーミフィケーションデザイナーは、人々の動機づけや回復を助け,より良いユーザー経験や習慣をつくることができる(C.S.T. Consultants, 2017)。



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