Report of Research Presentation!

We presented "Effectiveness of a Learning Program Using a Game to Simulate Second Person Death - Focusing on SOC" at the 2022 Spring National Convention of the Japan Society for Educational Technology held on March 20 (Sun.).

JSET 2022 Spring National Convention HP

Once again, I realized that in order to continue this research, I need a wide range of knowledge about medicine, life, health, education, learning, games, gamification, etc., and that it is essential to cooperate with researchers and clinicians in various fields, not to take on everything on my own.



3月20日(日)に開催された日本教育工学会2022年春季全国大会にて,「二人称の死を疑似体験するゲームを用いた学習プログラムの効果 -SOCに着目して」を発表しました。



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