Presented research at DiGRA2020

The research paper we presented at the conference is "The Effects of Mental Health Education Games and Their Effects on the Prevention of Employee Stress".

An Examination of the Relationship between the Motivation for Clinical Thanatology and Learning through Games

Hironori SAKAI, Yasufumi OSONO, Michikazu ONO

Abstract: The rapid development of technology in recent years has given rise to a variety of lifestyles, and view of death and life is likely to become more diverse than ever before. Death and life have been discussed from various perspectives, including philosophy, medicine, cultural anthropology, and religious studies, but the influence of games on the perception of life and death has not yet been fully elucidated. Therefore, we examined the relationship between the motivation for clinical thanatology and learning through games in students.

Keyword: Clinical Thanatology, Death Education, Learning Motivation, Gamification, Game-Based Learning

DiGRA2020で発表した研究論文は「死生学に関する動機づけとゲームを通じた学習の関連の検討(坂井 裕紀・大園 康文・小野 充一,2020)」です。



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